CANp is an intensive Conductive Education camp that offers a comprehensive intervention for children and adults who have neurological motor disorder such as cerebral palsy, developmental delay, dispraxia or aquired brain injury.  It always focuses on what the individuals can do and how goals can be achieved that were previously deemed impossible. The participants are taught to look for solutions instead of limitations. CANp provides series of activities while the neurologically impaired individuals focusing on what they CAN do, learn and achieve in a supportive and fun environment. They practise skills and strategies by taking part in different movement programmes and games that help them to master their learnt and newly aquired skills.


CANp works in a small group settings that provides opportunities for social interaction and healthy competition. The positive atmosphere of the group has great affect on self-evaluation, forming of the identity, self-discipline and self-control. 


During each CANp the program addresses all aspects of a person`s life so the participants are encouraged to work on the development of :

- Gross motor skills

- Fine motor skills

- Self-care skills and daily living activities

- Communication skills and breathing techniques

- Social skills

- Confidence 

- Independence


We are taking registration for the following groups:

- Parents and child group for children age up to 4 years ( 3 hour long program per day)

- School age children from  5 to 9 years (3 or 5 hour-long program per day)

- School age children from 10 to 14 years (3 or 5 hour-long program per day)

- Adolescence and young adults group (3 hour-long program per day)

Upcoming CANp dates:

 - 26th - 30th October


If you would like to enrol your child, have any questions or require any further information please e-mail Tunde at