Our Professionals

Conductive Education practitioners are called Conductors. They see each individual as a unified whole, aim to get to know the individuals’ needs, inspire them to formulate their own goals, motivate the fulfillment of these and find the path of active daily learning.

Tunde Romsics

Conductive Educator,  Consultant and Coach


Tunde graduated at the International Peto Institute in Hungary in 2012. Since then she has worked both in private and public sectors in the United States and North East England, which has given her a wide range of experience with children and adults from  the age of 8 weeks to 80 years.   She is passionate about Conductive Education and  believes that with consistent and continuous work it can transform the lives of children and adults who live with neurological conditions. Life-long learning plays an important role in her own life just like in her clients` lives. She strives for providing a comprehensive service, constantly increasing her knowledge and gaining qualifications  in the fields of mentoring, coaching, health, nutrition and functional fitness.


Eszter Nagy 

​Conductor (Teacher)

Eszter studied at the International Peto Institute in Hungary. She has been working as a Conductor in the North East region of England since graduating in 2013, gaining experience of working with children and adults with a wide range of disabilities. Eszter has an interest in dramatic games, artistic interpretations and their value in personality and social skill development.