Services for children and their families

Initial consultation and assessment
  • To assess what the applicant can do and how Conductive Education can positively influence the development of the candidate

  • To discuss the intervention plan: intensity, location and group or individual session

Continuous sessions
  • The program is flexible to accommodate each individual’s needs to learn techniques and strategies relevant to their own personal situation

  • For the development of individuals with motor disability continuity and consistency are essential therefore the sessions are scheduled weekly or forthnightly to ensure the best chance of learning

  • Great opportunity to discuss how to incorporate newly acquired and learned skills into everyday life situations

  • Provide advice, support and training for parents, family members  and care giver

Intensive block sessions

  • For those who live too far to participate in weekly sessions, or those who are ready to commit to an intensive intervention during school holiday time

  • Depending on individual needs the daily program can be 2-4 hours for the minimum of 3 consecutive days 

Online consultation or tutorial sessions

  • It is possible that your child benefits more from home activities and a well-constructed daily routine that promotes his or her independence during the activities of daily life. In this case we are here to support you with strategies and new ideas. These will enable you to help your child to be active, more mobile and realize his or her potential. 

  • Through regular consultations we discuss your concerns, current daily routine, potential changes and teach you effective facilitation methods. 

Further information



Individual sessions are delivered at the following locations: 
County Durham:
Darlington  Baptist Church DL15NH
North Yorkshire:
Chane Lane Community Hub, Knaresbrough,   HG50AS

Service charges 

 Session fees  depend on location and intensity-  please contact us for details.