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We would like to welcome You in the blog area of Conductive Life Service.

Here we aim to introduce our passion and field of profession: Conductive Education. Furthermore we open a door for discussing questions that are unanswered and waiting for clarification about the topic of education based rehabilitation.

We truly believe Conductive Education can transform lives; however it is neither a magic trick or miracle; nor a traditional therapy or treatment – as you may commonly read it in media. But the real magic is the Participant. Even individuals with neurological motor disorders have the power to be active and be more independent. We want them to recognise this fact and develop the attitude to try. This can give them the essential condition to learn. In Conductive Education we believe that everyone has the capability to learn and there is always a way to improve. However Andrew Carneigie well said that ‘You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb.’

As Conductors we take the role to see each individual`s potential for functional independence and provide great range of opportunities to fulfil them by teaching to be active participants of their own lives.

We invite you to be an active part of our journey of making Conductive Education well known, understood and accepted approach for individuals with neurological conditions.

Thank you,

Team of Conductive Life Service

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