The development of personality as the ultimate goal of Conductive Education

What is the major difference between CE and different therapies?

Conductive Education is an education-based, long term rehabilitation where the participants constantly and consequently work towards being active and functionally independent. Despite of the similarities with traditional therapies there is a major difference which is that Conductive Education simultaneously aims to improve not only the neuro-muscular system (such as gross and fine motor skills, balance, co-ordination) but the whole personality in a complex way.

Why is it so important and how does it look like in practice?

Human personality is shaped by our thoughts, feelings and behaviours that distinguish us from each other. These also prepare children and adults to challenge themselves or stop them because of the difficulty of the task.

Conductive Education is long –term rehabilitation because the process of making changes in the levels of personality takes longer time than learning how to roll over, holding the cup and drinking from it or even to stand up and walk.

To effectively improve the personality means that we are consciously improving their belief system- most importantly what they believe about themselves.

There are countless short sighs during our sessions when participants say and repeat one of these:

  • I can`t

  • I could never do that

  • There is no way I could do that

  • It`s too hard I can`t do that

When these occur, we provide opportunities, situations when they can see themselves how the previous statement was incorrect. They get to see themselves in a position when they are able to do something what was previously deemed impossible. Through this experience they become aware of their own power and getting familiar with the fact that where is a problem, there is a solution. As a result of that their behaviour is changing: in a hard situation instead of saying NO and refusing to try, they will look for their own solutions. Furthermore, they develop a problem solving personality. This leads them face their challenges with greater confidence because they have already learnt how to use their bodies. Ideally they have learnt to use communication as a tool to connect with others and to ask for help when needed.

In conclusion, through Conductive Education we provide the environment for successful motivation that leads to learning. When a participant joins our sessions, the conductors` first and foremost task is to get to know their current personality. Who they are, what they like and how they react in different situations. Knowing what motivates them will lead to better engagement in the learning process. We aim to help with the development of a healthy personality by always nurturing the attitude to try.

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