Quick guide to the different forms of Conductive Education

Depending on frequency there are three forms of Conductive Education. We at Conductive Life Service offer two out of the three and think it might be useful to have a sort of ‘reference guide’ for them. So let us compare the interval, sessional and permanent CE.

1. Interval Conductive Education

Essentially this is our holiday CANp programme, where in school holidays our participants are

able to access intensive intervention in a higher daily contact hour – 3 to 5 hours a day from

three days and up.

The benefits of this concept are that the participants can access a group setting where they can challenge their abilities and improve their functional independence throughout a structured, intensive routine.

Each CANp has its theme which helps to turn learning into even more fun.

It is interval because of being accessible regularly for shorter periods of time. However, it is very important that the parents keep to the handed over ‘exercise regime’ between camps.

We love this programme because we see our participants adapting to the can do attitude and

gain the willingness to try new things. It is hard to decide if the bigger benefit is all the

encouragement of their peers or the pro-activity of our parents and guardians.

The targets set are for the duration of the CANp which is essentially short term planning in the

big scheme.

2. Sessional Conductive E​​ducation

CLS offers sessional CE during the term times where our participants benefit from regular ​​weekly/bi-weekly contact ours either in the comfort of their home or during school visits. These sessions’ duration is 1 to 2 hours, they are very tailor made both in individual and the small group setting. As we wish to utilize our precious time some participants benefit from longer active-passive stretching, floor mobility exercises, core strengthening, self-care skills or standing and walking just to mention a few.

We know where we would like to get to in the session, in half a year’s or a year’s time and we aim to set attainable challenges for our participants.

We are able to give immediate feedback to guardians at the end of the session.

3. Permanent Conductive Education

This is Conductive Education in educational setting running on the school term dates where the daily, weekly, termly routine is structured by curricular framework. This approach is practiced by some Scope schools in the United Kingdom and some other non-maintained special schools.

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