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What dreams are made of?

One and a half months ago time seemed to have stopped for Conductive Life Service (CLS). Then it restarted in the best possible way.

Our co-worker charity – Families and Conductive Education and CLS had been working on something what felt like a daunting challenge, but exciting adventure the same time. It is a project what we feel can make positive changes in our local communities. We decided to apply for a grant and secure funding for our very own Conductive Education school holiday intervention, what we just called CANp, meaning it is camp without CAN`T. We perfectly understand that there are certain limitations what comes with our participants’ permanent condition. However we are ready to challenge those, teach them to consistently push their boundaries and learn that even with an incurable condition they can set and reach goals, be excited and happy, achieve success and live a meaningful life.

We have been providing CANp for 2 years but not every family could afford it. Therefore we resolved to challenge ourselves, felt that our CANp project is something definitely worth the investment. We believed we have a chance to win the grant awarded by the Big Lottery. We worked for this because we were (and still are) convinced that through the Conductive Education approach combined with our other professional knowledge and experience we can lead our children to be more active, better problem solvers and more independent. By the time of this post you most likely know that we succeeded. It is hard to express how grateful and proud we are. CANp is now funded for the next few years by the Big Lottery and we are able to give those so needed opportunities for families who have a loved member with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders.

We are planning a series of posts for the near future to explain the conditions of children and adults who can benefit from CANp and who are able to access our services in the next years. If you follow our journey we hope you will feel just as inspired by our participants as we do.

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