Who can participate CANp?

Our Conductive Education school holiday program is suitable for children and adults with motor disorders. We guarantee that each and every participants get opportunity to improve physical skills, improve the level of functional independence and develop social skills. By attending the 3 or 5 day program they have access to our tailor made activities which meet their needs in a small group setting.

Some might doubt how can a program be suitable for a 3 year old child with developmental delay, a 6 year old with cerebral palsy, an 8 year old with profound and multiple learning difficulties and an adult who have cerebral palsy too.

The secret lies mainly in the method of Conductive Education. One of the key elements is the group setting, where the individuals can meet with other people with similar challenges. The impact of the group is obvious – not only for the shared experience but also for the safe environment, where they receive emotional support, praise and encouragement from their peers and form friendships.

Conductive Education is a holistic approach, covering many areas what the participants find challenging in everyday life.

This can include physical, mental, social and emotional skills and the personality development. As for the latest we use many techniques to improve the self-esteem and confidence of our children and adults because it plays a primary role in the level of independence they can achieve.

What we do is identify the needs of the participants, form age and condition appropriate groups, design a program what meet their need. Then we deliver this program while grabbing every single opportunity to boost their self-confidence and empower them to be active and as independent as possible.

CANp can be useful for a wide range of ability levels. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts as we get into details about different age and condition appropriate groups benefitting from the programme.

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