CANpers and their benefits

In our latest post we mentioned what a wide range of ability level and age range we welcome to participate in CANp. They all have varying needs. They all find different things interesting. We cherish their individuality and how much they can motivate each other to try just a bit harder to work toward their full potential. Generally they all need to learn to control: muscle tone, posture and coordination. The program allows them to gain better control over their own body. They are challenged in their belief of what they can and cannot do.

So let’s take a look what our participants can benefit from CANp:

For the best outcome possible, children under 5 years are invited to participate in CANp with their parents. They can come to us, if parents would like to:

  1. Have their child get closer to hitting developmental milestones

  2. Have their child learn self-care skills, dressing and feeding themselves

  3. Learn how to help effectively their children and integrate new skills into their home environment.

Children with profound learning difficulties are provided opportunities to meet with their physical and sensory needs:

  1. They receive comprehensive massage and stretching to loosen tight muscles, increase range of motion, improve posture and provide a sense of well-being

  2. Their program includes opportunities to challenge their 5 senses

  3. The activities are designed to maximize their mobility and independence

For older children and adults we work towards

  1. Improving muscle strength and posture, which can reduce and control muscle pain

  2. Maximizing communication by learning to effectively express themselves

  3. Promoting independent living by developing willingness to do things for themselves – such as dressing, shoe lacing, food preparation.

  4. Forming a positive and optimistic mindset

  5. Teaching them that exercise does not have to be boring but it can be part of a fulfilling life

We designed CANp to be not only a one off therapy opportunity or holiday club for the participants but a substantial part of their continuous development. Our first hope was that it would bring real results and now we can speak about real impact. This is what you can read about next time. Stay tuned!

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