Mind over matter

“ The Parkinson’s nurse won’t believe that we can use mind over matter. But we do and I feel much better now.”

He is nearly 80 years old. Doctors tried all the medications to reduce his pain and symptoms, help him to move easier or have better mood. None of them worked. He said: “ It felt like they had sent me home to die.” But the story is not over.

Our mission is to improve the quality of lives with Conductive Education. During the continuous weekly intervention we have the passion and love to fulfil this mission from early childhood to late adulthood. However we rarely post about our adults because of many reasons. While the progress of our children is mainly predictable when the goals are set, the plans are made and everyone work hard to succeed it is massively different with our adults. Between their hopes there are: - reduced pain - having ability to speak, being heard and understood - reduced dependency on care-givers and maintained independence

We would be the happiest people in the world if we would be able to promise that these hopes can turn to goals, plans and hard work would guarantee progress and achievement. But it’s not always the reality. Physically we are not always able to help. But conductive education is not just for the body, but for the mind and soul too. Empowered by the philosophy of conductive education we teach the soul to nurture its hopes and the mind to believe that learning is possible at any ages. It is possible. We believe in each one of our participants and despite of any devastating diagnosis we look for the way how they can still try....

-Try to get out from their bed -Try to get out from the wheelchair -Try to find reason not to give up and -Try to smile

This gentleman makes us feel very proud. We feel privileged to work with him and learn from him. He inspired us to redefine goals and rethink happiness. He proofed that despite of disability and a deteriorating condition it is possible to live with active body, healthy mind and independent spirit.

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