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Nothing worth having happens overnight. This principle applies in the world of conductive education too, therefore we always aspire to plan and prepare for long-term. Our people come with hopes for progress and we believe that they can all experience it. However there are certain rules for achieving long-lasting results. One of the fundamental conditions for positive change is commitment. Where is commitment, good plan, strategies and supportive environment .... see what happens 🙂

When Freya started with us in 2016:

- She was able to keep her head in all fours for 5 seconds - She was not able to sit up from laying down - Her only way of moving around was commando crawling - Her speech was delayed and only said a few words - She was only able to stand with lots of support but she could not walk

She has a had a long journey since and you can see that she came so far. Behind the scenes there are fantastic partnership and team work with parents and school assistants. Freya will be 5 year old shortly and thanks for her determination and hard work she has an incredible story worth to share:

  • 5th November 2017 she sat up from laying all by herself at the first time ever

  • 6th February 2018 she started to crawl unaided

  • 24th April 2018 Freya started to accept the tripod sticks, standing with them with hands-on support

  • 26th May 2018 she developed the confidence to get off from the sofa, reducing dependency on her parents and care givers

  • 3th July 2018 Freya learnt to keep her standing with 2 sticks, lift one tripod stick up and move it forward

  • 27th February 2019 Freya learnt to walk with 2 tripod sticks all by herself

And still, the goal of conductive education is not a massive success once in a while, but continuous progress towards a more active and independent life.💙

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