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“I believe that life is a journey, often difficult and sometimes incredibly cruel, but we are well equipped for it if only we tap into our talents and gifts and allow them to blossom.”

When Leo’s mum contacted us in September 2017 she said she felt Leo had lot more potential then what he showed or any health-care potential would expect from him. At that time he was 1 year old and his condition was far more complex for anyone to expect more from him than to be a baby who is happy just to be. As a result of that he had not yet met any milestones including rolling, sitting, creeping or crawling. Furthermore he was on 24/7 oxygen. But they as a family knew that Leo would be able to do much more than it was previously expected so they asked for help and support.

Then...we started our journey 2 months later when Leo was 16 months old...

  • after a few days Leo rolled over for the very first time

  • in March, 2018 - he learnt to pass objects from hand to hand

  • in January he learnt to creep with minimum support by his legs he tried to resist the hard work and had lots of tears at the start but after 3 months of persistent practice, in February he had his first session what he smiled and giggled through

  • in August, 2018 Leo participated in his first group program during the summer CANp. He was the most social child who interacted with others and cheered on the group of children and parents

  • November, 2018 He started the Early Intervention program where he participates in 3 CE sessions a week and receives opportunity to learn, practice and master the skills required for activities of daily life

  • February, 2018- first independent sitting on mat for up to 10 minutes

  • Since he started he is literally unstoppable and progressing every single week

He had learnt how to crawl, stand up next to furniture, how to hold on to a spoon and take it to his mouth and today he took 16 steps with the walker, without anyone holding him!!!


So how Conductive Education makes difference in Leo’s life? We have high but realistic expectations toward Leo despite of his disability and we make sure that Mammy is absolutely partner in crime... and she is :)

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