🌱Impact 03🌱

“Words might inspire but only action creates change.”

Baby Joseph was a tiny 18 months old little boy when we first met. He set in his baby chair and observed the world around him. The family was full of worry but full of hope. They had faith that there is some support out there but the words of the medical professionals still echoed in their head:

-“ He is deaf. “

-“He is blind. “

-“Don’t expect too much.”

But they still had hope... and asked for help. They felt that they are in a dark place and wanted to find the way out from there. First we met in October 2017. His Nanna’s thoughts about our assessment and consultation:

🌱 First time we had witnessed something so positive for Joseph. 🌱Amazed by the positions Tunde had Joseph in, sitting , four point crawl position, turning 🌱 Amazed by his head control 🌱 We knew our decision to choose Conductive Education was definitely the way forward for us. 🌱 Probably the first time in 18 months, we felt that there is something out there for us. 🌱 When you don’t give up, you can never fail

He had been said that he can’t and won’t. But on the day we agreed with the family that until we try, we never know. . .

. . . the power of HOPE + consistent HELP= continuous PROGRESS . . .

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