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” Don’t compare your progress to that of others. We all need our own time to travel our own distance.”

In 2015 Theo and Tommy’s mum wrote the following lines:

“The nature of their disability means that neither of the boys can walk unaided. Both use walking frames to get around. Their speech is very difficult to understand, they cannot write, tie a shoelace, do a clip or button, are prone to falling over and generally struggle to co-ordinate everything they do. Medical experts say we were unlucky. No!! They are healthy, happy, fabulous boys who do not let their disability get in the way of living their lives. They access mainstream school, are bright, intelligent and full of fun!! . . . Theo has recently started attending a group session with children his own age and he absolutely loves it. In the short time he has been attending we can already see a difference in him. Most of all the sessions are fun, challenging yes, but lots and lots of fun. The boys have a chance to be independent and realise their potential.”

Reflecting on the above:

In 2019 Theo’ s personal best for standing unaided is 4 minutes. At the last year he learnt to walk with 2 tripod sticks with consistent rhythm. His determination shone through and surprised everyone when he dropped on stick and learnt to walk with only one tripod stick for short distance last summer. But he didn’t stop... in January he took his 6 totally independent steps...

At Conductive Life Service everyone is measured only for their own skills, abilities and achievements and celebrated for their own efforts. We teach to learn, teach to believe in themselves and take the next step even the world out there hardly believe in them ... with them but not instead of them.

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