🌱Impact 05🌱

Following the previous story...

His mummy’s words from 2015:

“For some years Tommy has been having weekly Conductive Education sessions and as a result he has improved massively with his gross & fine motor skills, and can stand unaided for a couple of minutes. He can also take a few steps! ( His current personal best is 8!!) He can walk a short distance with quad sticks (Physio said he would not be able to do this and are closed to the idea of him even trying quad sticks).”

And now... 🌱Despite of his difficulty of coordination Tommy learnt to stand for over an hour so now he is able to stand through more than half of a football match! 🌱He is able to take 86 independent steps that allow him to be independent indoor. 🌱He is confident to use quad sticks indoor and outdoor. 🌱His personality has also changed and now he loves facing challenges that help him to be stronger and even more independent than ever been before.

So what does Conductive Education teach?

Through Conductive Education we teach, train and coach to have active body to move, healthy mind to dream and independent spirit to dare to be the best our people can be ❤️

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