Hope and Conductive Education

When you or your loved one are diagnosed with a neurological condition or a permanent disease it can be devastating and frightening. Parents of children reported that they felt like they were in the darkness and there was no hope...

What is hope, really? According to the dictionary, hope is a feeling of expectation or desire for a particular thing to happen. At the same time scientific evidences prove that hope is a powerful force which -when it gets combined with unconditional love and supportive environment-, can turn the seemingly impossible into reality. This explains why you have no expectation of the positive outcome at the time of no hope. It can be caused by many things... Starting with the diagnosis, which has a full description of possible limiting conditions, symptoms and outcomes. It can be followed by the fear of the future, which is unknown because you have never raised a child with disability and you want to do your best but you don’t know how. Also to top up this feeling, you can feel lost because there are really just a handful of examples of people thinking that life has still meaning even with a diagnosis which reminds you of the words of “permanent”, “incurable” or “degenerative”.

We believe in positive change and progress. No matter what. We do it because we have what progress requires. And when you follow our work you can see it with your own eyes. When we started our Conductive Education journey in the North East we had a few challenges when different professionals offended us saying we provide false hope. I have never understood how can hope be dangerous. But now I know that it is ok, what some people do not understand why we always, and unshakably believe in positive outcome. After 5 years, our expectations are showing grand results. We are human beings therefore it is natural that we have negative feelings. Judgement, doubt, fear, worry, sadness and anxiety... but we can choose to focus on something different. Conductive Education is the way of teaching children and adults with and without disabilities to see that something much-much greater can be achieved. By overcoming the negative and limiting beliefs there are joy, inspiration, love, trust, gratitude and knowledge waiting on the other side. Do you feel the difference?

We accept the dis and ability, we believe that with consistent and well-structured action there is progress - and where is progress there is happiness.

What else would you wish for?


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