Fun or happiness?

This is from David Levin, but it is so relevant for what we believe and aim for at Conductive Life Service. Although we asked the parents on the first day of CANp what did they expect from the program. To be fair non of them wrote down discipline or high-performance however they clearly expressed that they wanted their children to have fun, develop confidence in their abilities and learn new skills. At the end of each intensive week we have numerous evidence that expectations are met, our children and young adults had fun, their confidence improved and everyone received opportunity to improve many skills on each CANp day. We are extremely happy to think about the contagious smiles of our CANpers after the challenges they managed to overcome, the pride of victory after the competitions they won and the giggles during the interaction between each other. We love them to be happy and confident and we are privileged to be part of many and more moments like these. So how do discipline and high-performance come here? Do you think confidence, self-esteem and progress would be possible ...

🌱Without a belief there is hope for progress and for greater potential? 🌱Without knowing that fun is a byproduct and not an end goal? 🌱Without goals, plans, goal-oriented action and consistent daily/ program routine? 🌱Without an environment that reflects that it is possible to try, learn and be the best version of self? Even with disability. We believe in inclusion. If we want to include our children in all activities of life we do it with discipline and expecting the best possible performance. We do it together with our participants. We are all on this journey in a different way. Our plans are finely adapted for every one of us. This way it is possible to gain momentum and continuously progress. You surely know: progress causes happiness. And the last question - would you trade fun for happiness? #conductiveeducation #theory #practice #happiness#progressforall

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