Common mission in rehabilitation

Last week we met a gentleman who shared the story of his brain injury and rehabilitation. Following his severe brain damage he found himself in the position where the most of the professionals who were involved in his rehabilitation put him in a box, which included the label: “ Based on your diagnosis you can`t function in any higher level and you need to accept that you won`t …”. He is a very intelligent person and only one from many individuals who live and fight against the label as much as against being placed into a small and suffocating box. Then he came across one of our social media sites and read about the stories of our children and adults and the power of hope, habits and progress. He had an impression that we are fighting against what traditional health-care professionals think and say. Furthermore, it made him excited, even happy that with our fight we actually prove a lot of highly qualified people wrong. --- Let`s stop for a second and think!!! --- Our leading philosophy is based on Conductive Education. By this we mean that we ALWAYS believe that - no matter the diagnosis and current condition - everyone can progress. However what matters are the belief of the individual; the positive, loving and caring environment including the professionals' and the family members' perception of disability; and the daily habits and rituals that lead to progression. It is not a simple wishful thinking on our part, but for our belief we had training and studied multiple fields including neurophysiology, psychology and other areas relevant to able-bodied and disabled people's biological, social and educational needs. As educators our beliefs are followed by action: we create a system and deliver programs where everyone can learn to be the best version of themselves. It is important to know that being the best and happiest version of self never comes as result of a fight. If we fight someone needs to win and some will certainly lose. The process of rehabilitation should be a win-win. Our mission at Conductive Life Service is to inspire, educate and encourage our people to believe in themselves. For this mission it is important to have a good relationship with not just family members but also other professionals who are involved in the care, habilitation and rehabilitation of our people. Together we can protect the hope, we can help to see greater potential, achieve progress and celebrate how far our people can go. Despite this gentleman's impression, we do not aim to be against the system. We are very lucky to work alongside amazing health-care professionals and educators who see not less than what we see: children and adults who are incredible, kind and capable people, but happen to have a neurological condition. We all work towards a common mission that our students/clients/ participant or patients live in the world where is no box, but if there must be a label, the only thing written up on this should be “unlimited potential”.


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