Why does online conductive education work?

If we only think about conductive education as a very hands on approach for children and adults with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders then we have all the reasons to doubt and raise eyebrows in question whether it can actually work online and especially if we consider the tiny screens of phones, iPads and other devices. Yes, we totally get it. Never in our journey did we consider this application of the method. Then a global pandemic comes along and we have no other solution -unless we decide to twiddle our thumbs, but if you know us, well, that's not really a solution, is it ?- but change our perception: Instead of using our hands to facilitate the process, we can aim to empower the hands of the family members. We couldn’t be happier and grateful for the reality, because IT WORKS! In the first two weeks of online sessions we have learnt a lot. From continuous feedback we are delighted to know that:

  • some of our children are getting stronger,

the attention span and time of engagement for everyone involved is getting longer, and

  • the smile of satisfaction on the faces also getting much much bigger!

Of course, at the same time, we aim to be loyal to the principles of conductive education by:

  • Paying attention to the importance of the group and the social interaction between the group members

  • Teaching and training parents, partners and spouses how can they effectively support their loved ones

  • Keeping the engagement and increasing the level of active participation with rhythmic intention

After all, we don’t aim for perfection but for progress. And this latest requires continuity, positive attitude, dedication and commitment from children and their family members. Do YOU think that progress can be achieved as a result of online sessions? … We are grateful for our families. We know that the compound affect works and with small daily steps progress is already made and much, much more is to come #gratitude #conductiveeducation #online

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